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essential dalian links for internationals

dalian american international school (3298 hits)
serving the educational needs of the children of foreign residents
open http://www.daischina.org/
dalian china (802 hits)
basic facts, services, business, dalian today by the gov't
open http://english.dl.gov.cn/
dalian forest zoo (865 hits)
official english website for the dalian forest zoo
open http://www.dlzoo.com/english/index.htm
dalian info (471 hits)
dalian - the silicon valley of china
open http://dalianinfo.ws
dalian international christian fellowship (705 hits)
activities of the dalian international christian fellowship
open http://www.dalianicf.org/
dalian library (582 hits)
official website of dalian library
open http://www.dl-library.net.cn/english/
dalian stuff (715 hits)
social networking, nightlife and events site for dalian
open http://www.dalianstuff.com/
dalian university of foreign languages (1070 hits)
official website of dalian university of foreign languages
open http://edawai.dlufl.edu.cn/
dalian.com (631 hits)
local information, opinions and events
open http://daliandalian.com/
dalianxpat (28661 hits)
activities, events, information for dalian
open http://www.dalianxpat.com/
discover dalian (681 hits)
personalized guided tour service
open http://www.discoverdalian.com
focus dalian magazine (978 hits)
connecting with the expatriate community
open http://www.focusondalian.com
international club of dalian (1297 hits)
social & business network for expatriates
open http://www.icdalian.com/
jesus catholic church of dalian (669 hits)
unique catholic church located inside dalian city
open http://www.dlcatholic.org.cn/
kids to kids (515 hits)
promoting exchange & cooperation between dalian and other countries
open http://www.k2k2k.org/
party in dalian (516 hits)
information for party lovers about events in dalian
open http://www.partyindalian.com/
xianzai dalian (978 hits)
dalian events, entertainment, culture, travel, finance, dining out
open http://www.xianzai.com.cn/

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